Payroll solutions

A complete solution with Mediant

Flexible Solutions To Suit Your Payroll Requirements

Mediant specialises in Outsourced Payroll Administration and offers this as complete solution. This means that we can manage your third party returns for your employees, as well as their pay slips and payments each pay period.

We use the SAGE VIP payroll software which is one of the best-known products in Southern Africa for processing payroll. It is a flexible and reliable software system, with regular updates to keep it aligned with Tax and Labour Legislation.

We process all payroll types and sizes and our software is flexible enough to suit all your reporting needs and any processing frequency.

If your payroll outsourcing is a complete model, we are also able to submit your monthly EMP 201 returns to SARS as well as your EMP 501 reconciliations twice a year. This will obviously include your employees’ tax certificates.

We are registered Tax Practitioners and we will keep an eye on your Payroll Taxes throughout the year. We have regular meetings with SARS consultants to maintain a good record for our clients. We can therefore also assist with getting Tax Clearance Certificates, and in disputing incorrectly charged penalties and interest on your account.

Other services


Perhaps you have need for specialised advice in a specific area of your company’s payroll or Bargaining Council matters. We have assisted many companies with an in-depth audit of their Bargaining Council records. 

Mediant Solutions Training


If you are confident that your staff has the capacity and necessary skills to avoid moving to the outsourcing option, we can assist you by providing training courses / workshops to better equip them for their tasks.

Enquiries for custom solutions

We offer custom outsource or training solutions to fit your staff and business needs.