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Flexible Support to help your staff

We can train your staff.

  • Elements of a Disciplinary Hearing
  • Understanding The NBCRFLI (National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight & Logistics Industry)
    • Module 1: Understanding Collective Bargaining
    • Module 2: The Binding Nature of a Collective Agreement
    • Module 3: Enforcement of a Collective Agreement
    • Module 4: Employer Obligations – how to process returns and claims using the online system
  • How to pass your NBCRFLI inspection (half-day workshop)
  • How to apply for an exemption from the NBCRFLI (half-day workshop)

Perhaps you have need for specialised advice in a specific area of your company’s payroll or Bargaining Council matters. We have assisted many companies with an in-depth audit of their Bargaining Council records. We then offer you specialised advice on how to structure your processes to better comply with the rules of the NBCRFLI.

When we perform specialised audits on your Bargaining Council processes and payroll matters, we often identify the need for specific fields of training needs. We then set up customised training sessions for your employees in order to better equip them to maintain compliant systems and processes within the Bargaining Council legislation.