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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can! We can train your staff in all Bargaining Council related matters. From using the NBCRFLI online system to setting up your payroll, to correctly calculate levies and funds.

Yes we do 😊. All payroll sizes are welcome!

No! We definitely are not. Neither are we affiliated to them. Think of us as you would think of your accountant. You don’t think your accountant is SARS, do you?

In some cases we do pick up instances where employers overpay employees due to misunderstanding the Main Collective Agreement of the NBCRFLI. However, we mostly discover underpayments. If you want to see a saving in the auditing exercise, remember that if a bargaining council agent had to discover the errors or omissions that we discover on your payroll – you would have been held liable for backpay, interest and penalties!

Bargaining Councils have a very important role to play within the South African labour market. The LRA defines their functions and powers and it is not possible to “opt-out” of registering with them if you function within their jurisdiction. We can however assist you with exemption applications, or advice you about demarcations under specific circumstances. Send us a mail to find out how!