Still not sure who MEDIANT SOLUTIONS is? Read on :-)

Here is a quick overview of WHO WE ARE 🙂

We are, first of all a PAYROLL BUREAU

That means we process payrolls (any type) on behalf of companies. Our clients are mostly small to medium sized companies who function under the jurisdiction of a Bargaining Council.

That brings us to our expertise.

We really understand Bargaining Councils. 

That means if we do your payroll, we can make sure your “stuff” is compliant.

Many companies seem to think that we are the Bargaining Council. Please no.

We understand Bargaining Councils because we have been in this industry for many years now.

If you do not want us to do your payroll for you, we can still assist you by training your staff.

And if you want to do the training in the comfort of your own office, home (or car), then do our online training :-).

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